Sach Capital Limited provides financial trading education & training to novice & experienced traders across the world. Our mission is to help people better understand how to trade the financial markets and the professional approach to take when trading the financial markets.


The courses provided by Sach Capital Limited are predominately available online so you can learn to trade from the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you. The courses are available anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer or mobile devices i.e. smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. The Education Programs are a series of online videos carefully put together by Sachin Kotecha over the course of 5 years that teaches you how to trade the respective asset classes, from generating trade ideas to a look in to the operations and participants of the markets, market dynamics and sentiment, fundamental and technical analysis, risk management and trade psychology.

Sach Capital offers three Education Programs:

– Professional Stock Trader Program (PSTP)
– Professional Forex Trader Program (PFTP)
– Professional Cryptocurrency Trader Program (PCTP)

The Education Programs offer you a chance to work in your own time acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to successfully trade the market of your choice. Once you have completed the Education Program, you can take the optional exam which is certified by Sach Capital.

Trade Club

Sachin Kotecha’s Trade Club is designed to give members the latest Market Intelligence with Real Time Market Data, Economic Data, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Trade Signals & Trade Ideas – As used by Sachin himself daily in his own trading, keeping members ahead of the market at all times.

Sach Capital offer two Trade Club Memberships:

– Monthly Trade Club Membership
– Annual Trade Club Membership